Hints When You Are On Tour In Namibia

Vehicle tyres

  1. Check the vehicle tyres every 2nd day for the pressure, and if there are no chips on the tyre threat. An average pressure for the tyres is between 1.8 and 2.0 bar ( that is for gravel and tarred roads) Do not deflate tyres more than 1.2 bar in case of thick sand and pump after sand back, to normal.
  2. The Namibian law states that tyre treat must not be lower than 3 mm. Most Car Rentals replace tyres at 4 mm and even 5mm.
  3. Relining and wheel balancing were done before every rental, if you have problems with that go to any tyre shop and fix it as soon as possible .. it is for your own safety
  4. Check your wheel nuts every 2-3 days.