By paying the required deposit indicated on your quotation, you will be able to secure your four-by-four rental vehicle. This will be the smart thing to do since at certain times of the year you may not be able to find and secure a rental vehicle. The payment currency is Namibian dollar (NAD).

Payment is secure and you can process payment by making use of the online link on our webpage. Just go to our payment page and complete the information required. Once completed, you can submit the information which you have entered.

Alternatively, we can also email you a payment link which will connect you directly to our payment platform. You should settle the outstanding amount once you arrive at our offices in Windhoek, Namibia. Payment can be processed by using your VISA or Master credit card. You can however also make use of the alternative payment methods which you have used when making your deposit payment.

When renting a four-by-four rental vehicle, you may also want to limit your liability in the unfortunate event should the vehicle be damaged. We do offer a selection of collision damage waivers. Should you not select our full cover, an amount will be blocked on your credit card. This amount will depend on the collision damage waiver option which you have selected. You will therefor be required to be in the possession of a valid credit card. Also make sure that the credit card will not expire while you are travelling.