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Namibia a 4x4 Country

23 Apr 2019

Practical tips on 4x4 Self-driving in Namibia You’ve secured your vehicle, planned your route and packed your bag

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Rusted remains of an abandoned oil drilling rig between Henties Bay and Torra Bay


15 Feb 2019

Taking on the challenge of a self-drive can seem daunting at first, but the prospect of exploring vast areas, some may

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Travel Tips in Namibia

Road Tips For Travel In Namibia

25 Nov 2015

1. Clothing and Personal CareIt is recommended to wear sun block at all times.Bring a hat and sunglasses - Namibia has s

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What To Do: When Faced With Thick Sand And Flowing Rivers

17 Nov 2015

Thick SandWhen approaching any thick sand, stop, analyse the situation and decide what you must and can do to the obstac

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